In the Great Landscape

A fairytale family chronicle


”Once upon a time there was a land, an ordinary land in an ordinary fairytale, as is customary. And, as in all ordinary fairytales, there was a castle wherein lived a king and a queen. And it came to pass that the queen gave birth to twin princesses, and the whole court rejoiced, until it was discovered that one princess was not like the other, one princess was not ordinary at all...”

Excerpt from Owl’s Chronicle



IN THE GREAT LANDSCAPE is at once a sparkling, headstrong piece of music theatre and a poetic family chronicle. The world we see on stage resembles a fairytale world, yet is firmly rooted in reality. The arrival of the royal family’s extraordinary child unleashes fear, injustice and a struggle for power, and signals the beginning of an epic adventure as the two sisters fight for freedom and change, and to be together. IN THE GREAT LANDSCAPE is a depiction of times past, time passing and times to come, in a chronicle set down by Owl, who sees all that we humans do not. 

IN THE GREAT LANDSCAPE gives rein to the full panoply of scenic arts in a production where theatre, dance, live music and song, fantasy and reality, existential questions and surprising humour blend. In the performance DuvTeatern explores for the first time on stage what it means to live with a disability. Life stories mirror each other and are shared with the audience. 

Book and lyrics for IN THE GREAT LANDSCAPE have been created by DuvTeatern’s ensemble and the actors are joined on stage by colleagues from Svenska Teatern. The music is specially composed by Markus Fagerudd for the show’s live orchestra, uniting the different musical traditions of Resonaarigroup and Wegelius Kammarstråkar. Choreography is by Carl Knif in close collaboration with the acting ensemble and the production is directed by Mikaela Hasán. 





PREMIERE 26th October 2019


IN THE GREAT LANDSCAPE is a collaboration between DuvTeatern, Svenska Teatern, Resonaarigroup and Wegelius Kammarstråkar.


With this production DuvTeatern celebrates its 20th anniversary.






Selected performances will be signed in Finland Swedish and Finnish signlanguage and audio-described in Swedish. Please contact Svenska Teatern for more information regarding accessibility.




IN THE GREAT LANDSCAPE is suitable for adults and children from 10 years of age.



teaser: Jonathan Sundström


On stage

DuvTeaterns’ ensemble
Ragnar Bengtström, Krister Ekebom, Roy Eriksson, Marina Haglund, Yvonne Heins, Karolina Karanen, Carl Knif, Ida-Lotta Knuuttila, Helena Laxén, Irina von Martens, Tanya Palmgren, Pia Renes, Martina Roos, Sara Sandén, Elias Simons, Christoffer Strandberg

Svenska Teatern’s actors
Mikael Andersson, Sophia Heikkilä, Niklas Åkerfelt

Resonaarigroup’s musicians
Tomi Lehtimaa, Jaakko Lahtinen, Juho Lähteenmäki, Marlo Paumo

A quartet from the Wegelius Kammarstråkar
Annemarie Åström, Kirsi Ruotsala, Pia Sundroos
Kristina Grönqvist, Mauri Kuokkanen
Annika Furstenborg, Csilla Tuhkanen

Musical Director Emma Raunio


Production Collaborators



In 2019 DuvTeatern celebrates its 20 year jubilee, having been active in Helsinki since 1999. The theatre’s artistic production is always grounded in the ensemble’s own experiences, ideas and interests, co-developed with other theatre groups, institutions and guest artists. DuvTeatern’s ensemble consists of actors and theatre workers with and without disabilities. The company also organises drama clubs for young people and adults.


Svenska Teatern 

Svenska Teatern is Finland’s national Swedish language theatre. The theatre celebrated its 150 year jubilee in 2016. As a national theatre Svenska Teatern offers a broad repertoire to suit all tastes. On average, the theatre mounts 8 to 10 productions per year. In addition, it hosts guest performances and facilitates co-productions with other theatre institutions and free groups.



Resonaarigroup is a pop and rock group consisting of professional musicians with disabilities. The group celebrates its 10 year jubilee in 2019. Resonaarigroup is a member of the Resonaari music center. The centre was founded in 1995 and includes a music school with around 300 pupils, an internationally renowned skills centre and the Resonaarigroup itself, under the leadership of Markku Kaikkonen and Kaarlo Uusitalo.


Wegelius Kammarstråkar 

The creative and prolific Wegelius Kammarstråkar (WKS) is known primarily for its high quality presentations of Finnish and Nordic chamber music. Founded in 2003, the orchestra today consists of both professional and student musicians. WKS operates under the auspices of the Foundation for Martin Wegelius Institute. Since 2013 the artistic director has been the violinist Annemarie Åström.  


Artistic planning and production

Text: DuvTeaterns' ensemble
Director: Mikaela Hasán
Assistant Director: Sanna Huldén
Composer: Markus Fagerudd
Musical Director: Emma Raunio
Choreographer/Dance Coach: Carl Knif
Set Designer: Erik Salvesen
Costume Designer: Anna Sinkkonen
Make-up Designer: Leila Mäkynen
Sound Designer: Andreas “Stanley” Lönnquist
Lighting Designer: Tom Kumlin
Video Designer: Paula Lehtonen
Singing Coach: Martina Roos
Acting Coach: Christoffer Strandberg
Dramaturgical support: Christoffer Mellgren
Producer: Annina Blom/DuvTeatern, Svenska Teatern, Markku Kaikkonen/Resonaarigroup, Kristina Grönqvist/Wegelius Kammarstråkar
Audience engagement: Sanna Huldén, Noona Leppinen
Stage and production assistants:
Sara Sandén, Helena Laxén, Kristin Helgaker, Sara Haapalahti, Maria Sundell, Kaarlo Uusitalo, Joonas Palkeinen
Advisory researcher: Niklas Altermark (Lund University), Jenni Kuuliala (Tampere University), Antti Teittinen (The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)