The TIKSI project

“Accessibility as artistic strategy and inspiration” (TIKSI) 

– a performing arts development project 2023–2025


The TIKSI project explores how accessibility solutions can go from practical additions to already finished performances to an artistic strategy implemented from the very beginnings of the process. How might accessibility become an artistic inspiration rather than a limiting obligation?

The project aims to give performance artists a chance to widen their horizons, research new artistic choices, and stretch the possibilities of the performing arts. By extension, the project works towards increased accessibility and a more diverse performing arts field in Finland, both for artists and their audiences.

The project includes lectures, discussions, investigative workshops, platforms to test new ideas, and artistic research.


The project is led and administered by DuvTeatern and enacted in collaboration with

Uniart Helsinki’s Theatre Academy

Teatteri NEO

Tampere Theatre

and many others


The project is supported by

Kone Foundation

City of Helsinki

Svenska kulturfonden


Sanna Huldén, DuvTeatern
040 095 6792